Selim the Grim

You were barely able to make decisions clearly without any alcohol influence. You weren’t even a likely candidate for the throne until you murdered your male relatives so you wouldn’t have any competition. And under all the alcohol influence you ordered more than 30,000 executions in 8 years. This shows that you carelessly killed people without reasonable causes and that shows that you didn’t respect the people of your empire.


You imprisoned your own father just to be able to crown yourself. Your ridiculous intolerance led to the end of the Mughal empire. You ruled India for 49 years, one of the strongest campaigns of religious violence in Mughal empire’s history, and killed 4.6 million Hindus. Because you were so focused on conversions you murdered 4.6 million innocent people. This shows you were a terrible, violent, and greedy leader that focused on the wrong things, leading to the end of your empire.

Suleiman the "Magnificent"

You killed your childhood friend and your son, but later regretted killing them because you couldn't stick to your decisions and take responsibility for your actions. You let that regret influence your character and you became secluded from the daily work of governing. You additionally issued a 23 year Ottoman Safavid that killed millions for absolutely no reason because it ended in a treaty. Along with that, you also had a cruel and impulsive side. You often ordered the execution of prisoners after a battle and began the customs of not speaking to foreign diplomats when they presented their credentials. You have no respect for the foreign people who visited your empire and you were cruel and vindictive.

Mehmet II

You were focused on conquering more and more land that you excessively killed people and had an unnecessarily aggressive policy of conquest. You became so focused on making sure you were popular and controlling, that you didn’t respect the only reason why you had all that power and land, your people, your soldiers, and your slaves.